Royal Philips and DiA Imaging Analysis Announce Strategic Partnership

Royal Philips and DiA Imaging Analysis Announce Strategic Partnership

Healthcare Tech Outlook | Monday, March 15, 2021

Royal Philips and DiA Imaging Analysis announce a strategic partnership to provide automated solutions to clinicians at the point-of-care.

FREMONT, CA: Royal Philips, a leader in health technology, and DiA Imaging Analysis, a leading provider of AI-powered applications for ultrasound, announce a strategic partnership to offer automated solutions to clinicians at the point-of-care. Philips industry pioneering ultrasound image quality coupled with DiAs AI library of automated solutions will aid boost diagnostic confidence, operational efficiency, and access to care for customers in and out of the healthcare facilities.

Philips continues to develop suites of intelligent and automated improvements integrated into Radiology workflows across its portfolio to advantage customers and patients alike. By facilitating the development and integration of AI-based applications, Philips aims to improve its potential to offer on the Quadruple Aim of better patient outcomes, better patient and staff experiences, and lower cost of care. The combination of AI applications within ultrasound technology can also lead to enhanced access to care.

While ultrasound is a cost-efficient diagnostic imaging method, it requires significant operator experience and visual interpretation to leverage it effectively. The subjectivity and variability of visual interpretation pose an issue for longitudinal assessments to gauge patient enhancement or deterioration. DiA Imaging has developed FDA cleared and CE-marked AI-based 2D ultrasound applications to mitigate the variability, enhance the efficiency and accuracy of image analysis.

This partnership with DiA Imaging Analysis reinforces Philips commitment to combining AI partners into the Radiology workflow ecosystem, from the modality through to results communication. Through the partnership with DiA Imaging Analysis, firms can offer unprecedented diagnostic confidence and operational efficiency to point-of-care ultrasound imaging and widen access to high quality and timely care both inside and outside healthcare facilities. 

With superb image quality and the potential to operate with smartphones and tablets, Philips Ultrasound devices are extensively accepted as the industry’s most innovative solution for point-of-care imaging. It is the ideal platform for implementing AI-enabled solutions that will benefit patients by assisting clinicians in making better-informed decisions.

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