Santovia and EBSCO Health Partner for a New Shared Decision Making...

Santovia and EBSCO Health Partner for a New Shared Decision Making Tool

Healthcare Tech Outlook | Friday, August 09, 2019

Fiona Calnan, CEO, Santovia

The partnership provides a functional way to brighten the medical relationship with Option Grid Decision Aid.

FREMONT, CA: Santovia and EBSCO Health have entered into a partnership to ensure a platform for shared decision making with Option Grid decision aids. The partnership offers a platform for health professionals and patients to communicate together and know the pros and cons of their health-related decisions. 

EBSCO Health with Option Grid decision aids provides easy to understand benefits in comparing risks and burden of healthcare options. Santovia with its newly produced easy-to-use technology helps health professionals to select Option Grid decision aids to match the user’s profile, which is then viewed by patients in the most convenient ways.

EBSCO Health, a provider of clinical decision support solutions, medical research information, and healthcare business intelligence for the medical care industry, provides easy to understand language and offers a platform with minimal drawbacks of health-related issues. Option Grid offers room for fast and easy decision making and compares alternatives.

Option Grid decision aids is aligned with all shared decision making policy requirements and incentives. Other benefits of this platform are that it reflects the patient's voice, and uses patient-friendly language. EBSCO Health and Santovio’s solutions will have to be combined with the electronic health record (EHR) for implementing the platform. The first EHR system was employed in eClinicalWorks.

Santovia has addressed the concerns of both patients and doctors alike with its unique, multilingual patient relationship application.

CEO of Santovia, Fiona Calnan mentioned that she looks forward to working with EBSCO Health on decision aids. “Santovia is currently transforming patient engagement through its innovative design and technology. Paired with shared decision making tools like Option Grid, we hope to continue to enhance the patient/clinician relationship and experience,” she added. Santovia was featured in Healthcare Tech Outlook as one of the Top 10 Patient Engagement Solution Providers 2018.

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