Scriptdrop And Roadie Collaborate To Enhance And Extend Medication...

Scriptdrop And Roadie Collaborate To Enhance And Extend Medication Access

Healthcare Tech Outlook | Monday, August 22, 2022

ScriptDrop makes it easier for Americans to get their medications, expanding its relationship with Roadie.

FREMONT, CA: “70 percent of patients who use ScriptDrop delivery for their recurring prescriptions never miss a delivery and have their meds in hand every month. It's clear that this partnership with Roadie has helped us begin to overcome negative social determinants of health and improve long-term health outcomes,” states Amanda Epp, ScriptDrop CEO. ScriptDrop Inc., a healthcare technology firm specializing in prescription access, and Roadie, a UPS company and crowdsourced delivery platform, have formed a partnership. ScriptDrop required a national partner that could provide same-day and urgent distribution in a standardized, secure, and scalable manner.

Both partners may enjoy a simpler workflow if ScriptDrop has graduated from manually publishing delivery requests to Roadie's platform to full API integration. In the past 12 months, ScriptDrop's distribution footprint in all 50 states has expanded dramatically, primarily due to Roadie's dependable network and pre-screened drivers.

ScriptDrop has released their annual prescription access industry report, "Everything Old Is New Again: Social Determinants of Health and the Role of Prescription Delivery in Home Healthcare.” This year, the report focuses in part on social determinants of health (SDOHs), which are non-medical factors that affect a person's health. One SDOH is "healthcare access and quality," which includes a person's vicinity to healthcare facilities and pharmacies.

Sadly, more than forty percent of U.S. counties are deemed pharmacy deserts or regions without convenient access to a pharmacy. Many of these counties are rural. However, inequity also persists in urban areas. In urban regions, predominantly Black and Latino neighborhoods are far more likely than mostly white neighborhoods to lack pharmacies.

Thanks to Roadie's extensive local same-day delivery network and expertise in last-mile logistics, ScriptDrop can offer safe, secure, same-day delivery to patients regardless of location.

Marc Gorlin, Roadie CEO, states, “When it comes to accessing quality healthcare, your zip code shouldn't be a barrier to getting what you need. Fast, frictionless delivery isn't a nice-to-have for many industries; it's table stakes. And with ScriptDrop, it's a path to more equitable communities. We're proud to work with ScriptDrop to expand healthcare access nationwide."

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