SCWorx Enters New Agreement to Offer Advanced Academic Health System

SCWorx Enters New Agreement to Offer Advanced Academic Health System

Healthcare Tech Outlook | Thursday, February 10, 2022

SCWorx Corp. has signed a 39-month arrangement with an existing customer for a new product offering.

Fremont, CA: "At SCWorx we believe that our customers are our partners. We have built a robust SaaS platform for the healthcare industry and we are continuously molding our platforms future together with our customers," states Tim Hannibal, SCWorx CEO. A 39-month deal for a new product offering has been signed by SCWorx Corp. with an existing customer. The deal calls for about $1.1 million in payments throughout the course of the contract, with the possibility of an earlier termination under certain situations.

Hannibal adds "The SCWorx product development team created new product features that expand our current capabilities and provide hospitals with the visibility and utilization of data that has long eluded healthcare providers. The company expanded its analytical services far beyond how hospitals currently analyze spend related transactions. SCWorx now integrates, and normalizes, clinical utilization and billing data with spend data in order to provide healthcare systems with an expansive view of how supply chain items are purchased, used and collected at both a physician and procedure level of granularity."

This new arrangement increases the services provided by the Company to its existing customer, a well-known stand-alone academic health institution in the northeast.

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