SeaSpine Launches Explorer TO Expandable Interbody Device

SeaSpine Launches Explorer TO Expandable Interbody Device

Healthcare Tech Outlook | Monday, August 17, 2020

The advanced posterior interbody solution offers parallel and lordotic expansion options to fit patient anatomy and surgeon preference.

FREMONT, CA: SeaSpine Holdings Corporation, a forerunning medical technology company focused on developing surgical solutions for the treatment of spinal disorders, announces the limited commercial launch of the Explorer TO System. Explorer TO represents SeaSpine’s first new product offering since 2017 in the estimated $400 million expandable interbody market. The system offers an advanced and elegant posterior interbody solution that provides both parallel and lordotic expansion options to fit patient anatomy and surgeon preference.

This innovative expandable design not only provides surgeons with the clinical options to achieve their goals as a surgeon but gives them one instrumentation system for two different styles of implants. This doubles the number of options surgeons have in the OR without doubling the number of instruments required.

The system’s advanced implant offers a low-profile design for insertion with expansion versatility achieving up to 16mm in height for both parallel (from 7mm) and lordotic (from 10mm) options. Both implant options connect to the same inserter, enabling spine surgeons to more efficiently address each patient’s different anatomy, and sagittal alignment goals, during the procedure, without having to change technique or instrumentation.

Having an expandable cage ExplorerOT allows surgeons to address a narrow opening.  With this, clinicians can achieve decompression goals for what would normally have needed a larger implant. Explorer TO’s instrumentation is optimized and intuitive. The potential to post-pack bone graft through the inserter omits an extra step and saves time. The variable options of height and lordotic expansion provide clinicians with the confidence to treat multiple pathologies among multiple patient anatomies.

The implant’s bulleted nose allows for a small footprint to access narrow anatomy, which then widens to meet the decompression and grafting objectives for the multitude of anatomical challenges facing surgeons. The advantage of gaining better access to this growing market segment provides SeaSpine and its expanding distribution channel the best opportunity to compete and grow with industry-leading technology.

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