Seattle-based Startup NextStep Raises $3.6M for Training Healthcare...

Seattle-based Startup NextStep Raises $3.6M for Training Healthcare Workers

Healthcare Tech Outlook | Tuesday, May 05, 2020

Innovative training sessions for people who have low wage incomes and people with disabilities to assist frontline workers, are now provided by NextStep, as it raises $3.6M 

Fremont, CA: Seattle startup NextStep raises additional $3.6 million funding to support the development of its tech platform that recruits and provides training to healthcare workers. 

Founded in 2018, as a product of Pioneer Square Labs in Seattle, NextStep aims to tackle the deficiency that exists in the national caregiver sectors. There is an acute shortage of care providers due to the COVID-19 outbreak and the resulting economic crisis. 

The company mainly focuses on training people who hold low-wage jobs, and those who are threatened by displacement to take up healthcare positions such as certified nursing assistants, home health aide, and personal care assistant. 

With more than millions of people filing for unemployment in the past month and due to the increasing demand for healthcare workers, NextStep recognizes the big opportunity to fill most gaps. 

Top 10 Healthcare Information Exchange Companies - 2018“By tapping the potential and strengths of displaced talent, we can bolster the healthcare workforce and offer millions of workers a pathway to sustainable and fulfilling careers — at a time when our country needs it most,” NextStep CEO Chris Hedrick said in a statement.

The startup mainly functions on a mobile training platform and a job placement program for long-time workers. NextStep tested its pilot and enrolled more than 2000 people in the state. 

The company also recently launched a National COVID-Ready Caregiver Certificate that trains frontline caregivers on health guidelines that assist in the reduction of infection and on caring for the elderly along with people with disabilities. 

Hedrick co-founded NextStep along with healthcare industry veteran Charissa Raynor, the former executive director of The Benefits Group, spearheaded the development of the nation’s largest home care training efforts. 

The latest funding round was led by Springrock Ventures, which included maximum participation from JAZZ Venture Partners, Learn Capital’s LearnStart fund, and the managing directors of Pioneer Square Labs. The company NextStep has raised funding of more than $10 million to date.

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