Selerix Systems Collaborates With Adminahealth, An Automated...

Selerix Systems Collaborates With Adminahealth, An Automated Billing Saas Company

Healthcare Tech Outlook | Friday, September 02, 2022

The collaboration of AdminaHealth and Selerix Systems enables a seamless transition of conventional billing methods to an automated billing process.

FREMONT, CA: "We couldn't be more thrilled with the Selerix partnership, a market leader in benefit administration," said Robert A. Bull, AdminaHealth CEO and Founding Member. "Our billing platform will enable a smooth transition for both fully-insured and self-funded client groups from spreadsheet-based employee benefit premium bill reconciliation to a process where 80 percent of the effort is automated, leaving exceptions as the only items that require human intervention. Brokers can now offer unlimited medical, insurance, and voluntary benefit coverages with minimal additional administrative burden. This gives them back time to generate revenue, increase customer retention, and delight their clients."

One of the industry leaders in core benefits administration, Selerix Systems, Inc., teams up with AdminaHealth to provide premium billing solutions to the healthcare, insurance and voluntary benefit industries. AdminaHealth's industry-recognized billing services, through this collaboration, can seamlessly integrate Selerix's industry-recognized premium billing services.

A new feature that Selerix is now offering its customers is the AdminaHealth Billing Suite® that allows them to reconcile their carrier invoices and compare their payroll deductions from the employee benefits premiums against the payroll deductions expected, as well as generate a consolidated monthly invoice for all covered benefits. It is possible to reduce users' time reviewing non-auto reconciled items to a mere few by utilizing the AdminaHealth Exceptions Dashboard. Users will also be able to create consolidated monthly invoices in both PDF and Excel formats, with each invoice decomposing the amount owed to each carrier, along with Subconsolidated BillTM breakdowns and other member and coverage details information on the plan.

"We are very excited about the addition of the AdminaHealth Billing Suite to the Selerix platform," said Selerix president Lyle Griffin. "Our users will appreciate the ability to create consolidated monthly invoices and know that their premium payments are correct. AdminaHealth is an ideal complement to our platform. Brokers and employers trust Selerix to deliver a unique combination of technological prowess, benefits expertise, and superior service. Our ability to integrate with best-in-class partners like AdminaHealth is a key feature of the Selerix platform and enhances the value our clients receive from our solution." 

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