Serenity Dtx And Summerland Seniors Village To Deliver Digital...

Serenity Dtx And Summerland Seniors Village To Deliver Digital Therapeutic Solutions

Healthcare Tech Outlook | Wednesday, April 13, 2022

Serenity DTx has teamed up with Summerland Seniors Village to offer a non-invasive and easy to use digital therapeutic solution.

Fremont, CA: "We are committed to finding non-pharmacological solutions for our seniors in care and welcomed this opportunity to work with Serenity DTx to try this non-invasive, easy to use therapeutic solution for our residents, and to provide stress and anxiety relief to our staff. Over the course of the past month, we have observed that this has been beneficial for staff and residents alike," comments Tammy Deausy, Regional Director of Operations for West Coast Seniors Housing Management, parent of Summerland Seniors Village. Serenity DTx, a trusted provider of revolutionary digital therapeutics that measurably enhance and improve health and personal well-being, partners with Summerland Seniors Village to give a digital therapeutic solution to both staff and residents.

"There is a large body of scientific evidence that we can rely on to support the efficacy of our therapeutic solution, but the really exciting aspect is when you see how effectively it helps people to become calm and relaxed, provide pain relief, help achieve better sleep and to improve mental sharpness, and they really enjoy the immersive experience. They can visit Rome, Venice, Paris, outer space, or the great outdoors all from the comfort of a chair," states Serenity DTx CEO Paul McCrea.

Jane Berrisford, Manager of Recreation and Volunteer Services at Summerland Seniors Village, is equally supportive. "As a recreational therapist, I'm always interested in solutions for health and wellness that do not involve pharmaceuticals. The results we witnessed using Serenity's digital therapy have been nothing short of amazing. On day one, we observed a resident with advanced dementia become calm as soon as the headset was placed on her head and the immersive experience began. She is non-verbal but does usually make sounds; these quieted right away and didn't resume for some time after her immersive experience ended. She even crossed her ankles at one point!"

“A recent meta-analysis that considered three decades of neuroscience, cognitive science, and psychological research, drove the development of product development.” McCrea continues, "This immersive virtual reality combined with audio therapy and meditative narration will improve and expedite health outcomes and we get to help lots of people with their mental health and wellness; what a gift."

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