Seven Bridges Unveils the GRAF Population Solution

Seven Bridges Unveils the GRAF Population Solution

Healthcare Tech Outlook | Thursday, April 01, 2021

Seven Bridges announces the release of GRAF, Population Solution, a collection of workflows, resources, and population-specific graph references.

FREMONT, CA: Seven Bridges, the leading bioinformatics ecosystem provider, has announced the release of GRAF, Population Solution, a collection of workflows, resources, and population-specific graph references to allow large-scale human population studies through more consistent read alignment and variant discovery. 

An improved population-specific NGS analysis pipeline, population-specific graph construction services, and graph references for five significant global populations, namely African, East Asian, South Asian, Admixed American, and European, are included in the launch. These services will complement the GRAF Germline Variant Detection Workflow and GRAF Pan-Genome References, which were first revealed in June 2020 and were ranked #3 on The Scientist magazine's Top 10 Inventions of 2020.

Since linear reference genome cannot collect such populations' genetic information, bioinformatics approaches experience a substantial loss of accuracy when used on sequence information from under-represented populations. The intrinsic bias in the industry's present reference genome favors the European population. While a pan-genome strategy can yield substantial benefits, but it is suboptimal. The GRAF Population Solution considers the ancestry, due to which it is more precise than both linear and pan-genome methods.

"Precision medicine requires precision bioinformatics methods. Seven Bridges GRAF" ¢ facilitates the accurate, comprehensive discovery of genetic variation in the human genome by transforming the existing linear genome reference into a genome graph that incorporates information about the relevant genomic context," said Brandi Davis-Dusenbery, PhD, Chief Scientific Officer, Seven Bridges. "GRAF can construct and utilize genome graphs representing a particular disease, a single individual, a specific population or the entire human species and, therefore, delivers tailored bioinformatics solutions for a multitude of genomics studies."

"The overarching mission of our GRAF "¢ Population Solution is to expand the utility of genomics and bioinformatics by enabling science to benefit people of all backgrounds, not just a few that are captured in the current reference standards. GRAF achieves this by constructing ancestry-aware genome graph references that encompass the genetic architecture of the population of interest," said Dr H. Serhat Tetikol, GRAF Product Director at Seven Bridges. "Our recent work explores the benefits of a tailored genome graph reference for individuals of African ancestry, which constitute the most diverse and, arguably, the most underserved population."

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