Sheridan Partners with Candescent Health to Expand its Spectrum of...

Sheridan Partners with Candescent Health to Expand its Spectrum of Radiology Services

Healthcare Tech Outlook | Friday, November 30, 2018

WALTHAM, MA: Candescent Health, providers of healthcare solutions has announced the extension of its contract with Sheridan Healthcare aimed at improving clinical consistency, increasing physician efficiencies, and driving greater healthcare value for its hospital partners and patients. As a part of this move, Sheridan plans to expand Candescent Health’s service platform for its practice in South Florida and establish a network of 150 radiologists, covering over 2 million radiology studies.

Sheridan Healthcare is a hospital providing radiology services throughout the United States and interprets 4.5 million studies in total every year. They have made use of Candescent’s software-enabled service, RadPerform for optimizing and continuously improving operations within its subsidiary Radisphere. This implicates a significant reduction of error rates (29 percent below published benchmarks) and improvements of productivity (20 percent above industry standards) for all these practices. Moreover, Radisphere’s basic service metrics including turnaround time, call coverage, and subspecialty coverage are above standard parameter, reflecting in 95 percent turnaround times being met and 99 percent of critical results being delivered in less than 60 minutes.

Maria Rodriguez, M.D., Senior Vice President of Radiology Services, Sheridan Healthcare exclaimed “When we say we provide high-performance, standards-based imaging innovations, we mean it. We’ve seen first-hand how Candescent’s RadPerform solution can help radiologists deliver better, more efficient patient care and we’re excited about integrating this solution across more of our practices.”

The radiologists at Sheridan Healthcare continue to explore this array of innovative technologies. The underlying focus of this partnership remains at forging transparency and comprehend the operational modifications required to improve health quality of patient population and maintain optimum level radiologist satisfaction, while not compromising on workflow efficiencies.

“Radiology now has an unparalleled opportunity to leverage technology and services in a way that truly delivers greater healthcare value. We’re proud to be partnering with transformative practices like Sheridan Healthcare and Cleveland Clinic and we’re confident their investments will help their organizations face today’s industry challenges,” said Scott Seidelmann, CEO, Candescent Health.

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