Skylight Health And Collaborative Health Systems To Deliver...

Skylight Health And Collaborative Health Systems To Deliver Value-Based Care

Healthcare Tech Outlook | Tuesday, April 12, 2022

Skylight Health and Collaborative Health Systems form a joint venture to collaborate on value-based care.

FREMONT, CA: Employers continue to look for methods to cut costs while ensuring their employees receive the treatment and services they need to stay healthy, happy, and productive as the health care delivery system advances. Much emphasis has been paid to the promise of a value-based treatment (VBC), which refers to the care delivered through value-based contracts. Skylight Health Group, a multistate primary care management organization in the United States, has formed a joint venture (JV) with Collaborative Health Systems (CHS), a population health management services organization and a wholly-owned subsidiary of Centene Corporation, to integrate critical VBC services into Skylight Health's growing enterprise of primary care practices.

"Collaborative Health Systems has been at the forefront of profitably executing on value-based care, having generated over $475 million in Medicare savings since 2012," comments Prad Sekar, CEO and Co-Founder of Skylight Health. "This partnership enables us to leverage the scale, infrastructure, and expertise of CHS, allowing us to fast-track our timeline of value-based contracts by approximately 24 months."

The partnership's primary objective is to establish the fundamental requirements for a VBC program, including collaborative efforts in payor contracting, risk-taking within Medicare Advantage, and population health improvement, which provides data and analytics to support care coordination and quality improvement programs. The initial markets to participate in will be Denver, Colorado Springs, Harrisburg, and Jacksonville.

Skylight Health and CHS will collaborate to build a framework for VBC contracting in Florida, Pennsylvania, and Colorado. Each state's network of practices will benefit from deliberate expansion and planning in Medicare fee-for-service ACOs and Medicare Advantage, which will be served by Skylight Health and CHS, respectively. The alliance combines CHS's track record of enhancing patient outcomes and reducing healthcare costs with Skylight's ambitious growth inside independent primary care practices. The joint venture will benefit from Skylight Health's Medicare patient base and CHS' established ability to manage downside risk. The joint venture enables expanded entrance into value-based care services as a larger contractual entity, resulting in enhanced clinical outcomes, patient quality ratings, and satisfaction. The collaboration will manage all components of the risk management competencies required to acquire risk-bearing contracts with payors while supporting Skylight Health's practice growth plan as affiliates seek larger, more comprehensive partnerships.

“At Collaborative Health Systems, we are dedicated to improving quality outcomes and delivering cost savings with our provider partners,” states Anthony Valdes, President of Collaborative Health Systems. “We look forward to working with Skylight Health to improve quality, lower costs, and help Skylights physicians thrive in value-based care.”

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