Speak2's Acquisition of Soundmind Clients to Help Improve Senior...

Speak2's Acquisition of Soundmind Clients to Help Improve Senior Living Solutions

Healthcare Tech Outlook | Tuesday, January 25, 2022

A startup in Newark, Speak2 Family, has acquired Soundmind Clients, a New York-based firm, to enhance its senior living offerings.

Fremont, CA: "These two exciting startups coming together bring a powerful approach to senior living and combine the tech expertise of up-and-coming startups in emerging space. " states Jillian Guerra, co-founder of Speak2 Family. Soundmind Clients has been acquired by the Speak2 Family. Both firms received funding from local venture capitalists in the young speech tech industry, which has witnessed increased demand since August 2020, fueled by the relaxation of COVID limitations and inhabitants' growing demand for greater communication and connectivity. The purchase was prompted by Amazon's announcement of Alexa Smart Properties' support for elder housing, which allows companies like Speak2 to deploy and manage Alexa devices on a broad scale across the country.

“Customers need solutions that they can use based on the culture of the person communicating. Kids use apps on small screens, Gen X uses laptops, seniors can use their voice. Caregivers are juggling many tasks at once. Speak2 brings these people together in the way that best suits their role and existing way of life,” comments Jillian Guerra, co-founder of Speak2 Family. “The Soundmind customers are accustomed to a great user experience, and we can take that approach further by leveraging the Alexa Smart Properties senior living solution.”

Erum Azeez Khan, CEO of Soundmind, states, " Speak2s alignment with the senior living solution from Alexa Smart Properties will greatly benefit their customers and allow the foundation that Soundmind provided to evolve along with Amazons technology. Speak2 is delivering state of the art experiences specifically designed for senior living. Their approach puts the heart of senior culture front and center, introducing new ways to engage with staff, family, and the local community. Designing technology for older adults is very hard, but they are doing it right."

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