Steps to Gain Maximum Benefits of AI in Healthcare

Steps to Gain Maximum Benefits of AI in Healthcare

Healthcare Tech Outlook | Monday, November 26, 2018

Artificial intelligence is gaining momentum in the technology industry in recent years. Many other industries like banking, supply chain, manufacturing are also reaping the benefits of AI. Traditionally healthcare industry is slow to respond to new technological trends. The fear of implementing artificial intelligence needs to be managed so that the patients can get the optimum benefits.

Artificial intelligence is the science and engineering of making intelligent machines which can use the abilities of a human brain like reasoning, analyzing, learning, problem-solving skills, etc. to make smart decisions with very little or no human intervention. All the technology that is developed in the laboratories cannot be inducted into the healthcare industry. Healthcare apps need to comply with the HIPAA standards before any healthcare provider could use them. Patient safety is paramount for any healthcare provider. There are specific criteria that have to be met before AI could be used widely in the healthcare industry.

• AI should comply with the HIPAA standards.

• AI must perform better than the presently available care model.

• AI should be prepared for any contingencies.

• AI should be a cost-effective technique with ease of use.

The challenges that the healthcare industry faces in implementing AI are as follows:

Validation: AI needs to be put to rigorous performance test before it can be trusted with the healthcare data. Healthcare providers have sensitive data which, if leaked, can have severe implications for the company.

Training: AI-powered healthcare apps need to be better trained about the processes of caregiving before it could be ingested into the healthcare industry as patient safety is the first priority of any healthcare provider.

Data collection: healthcare industry is in a severe need of a technique by which it can extract the relevant data from the massive pipeline of unorganized data. AI can help to segregate the data with many machine learning techniques.

Although, it is early days for the artificial intelligence, but it has gained the trust of many other industries. Healthcare industry should find a way to inculcate AI in their practices so that healthcare won't lag in reaping the benefits of artificial intelligence.

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