Strategic Collaboration Between Integrated Oncology Network and...

Strategic Collaboration Between Integrated Oncology Network and Southwest Urology

Healthcare Tech Outlook | Wednesday, January 13, 2021

Integrated Oncology Network (ION) and Southwest Urology announced a strategic alliance to create a new multi-specialty channel across the greater Cleveland

FREMONT, CA: Integrated Oncology Network (ION), a pioneer in oncology and healthcare management services, and Southwest Urology, a market-leading urology practice firm, have announced a strategic alliance to create a new multi-specialty channel across the greater Cleveland, Ohio, market. In combination with Southwest Urology's service line experience and in-market partnerships, the strategic infrastructure capital and multi-specialty management capabilities of ION align with ION's multi-specialty development strategy.

The latest venture with Southwest Urology marks a crucial moment in the strategic path of ION. With such a highly regarded practice, their entry into the urology space enhances the abilities and enables ION to continue increasing specialty networks across the nation, said Josh Johnson, ION CEO.

Southwest Urology will concentrate its efforts on delivering outstanding clinical treatment across a now-expanded range of specialty services by integrating ION's established practice management services into its clinical operations. The new service portfolio allows Southwest Urology to deliver its already well-established market base with reliable, compassionate treatment while moving into unexplored markets in Cleveland's greater region.

The relationship with ION is a way of strategically positioning SWU for advancement within the rapidly evolving healthcare delivery world they face both locally and nationally. Since their inception, the cornerstone upon which they have developed the practice has been the growth and advancement of services. In partnership with ION, they will continue to provide the patients with quality, comprehensive urological services at a reasonable rate. Dr. Michael Barkoukis, President of Southwest Urology and a founder member, stated that he is delighted to be part of a nationwide specialty treatment footprint as it relates to urology.

Southwest Urology is excited to partner with ION and utilizes ION's wide range of resources that allow them to provide their patients with additional and much-needed health care services. Claudio Zanin, Southwest Urology CEO, said that they are optimistic that both companies will play to each other's strengths as they embark on this new relationship.

ION works directly with doctors, hospitals, and other healthcare providers to give their patients the new oncology treatments and innovations. Established in 2008, ION has expanded to 49 centers in 16 states, offering diagnostic testing, radiation oncology, surgical oncology, urology, and other ancillary services with a full and integrated treatment continuum.

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