Surgery Exchange and Vizient To Deliver Holistic Implant and...

Surgery Exchange and Vizient To Deliver Holistic Implant and Bill-Only Process Optimization Solutions

Healthcare Tech Outlook | Monday, October 25, 2021

The market reach of a leading provider of bill-only and cost of service technologies for surgical implant supply chain solutions is expanded.

FREMONT, CA: Implant bill-only surgeries solution brings all stakeholders together in a collaborative environment and provides hospitals with the transparency and visibility necessary to automate and regain control of the time-consuming and costly activities associated with implant surgeries, resulting in quantifiable cost savings, efficiencies, and accountability before, during, and after surgery. Surgery Exchange and Vizient jointly provide hospitals with their cloud-based, end-to-end platform for automating and streamlining implant surgery planning and case management. This solution addresses a significant clinical supply chain challenge by standardizing automation to enable health care providers to achieve more significant cost reductions. The strategic partnership expands access to its offering by leveraging Vizient’s diverse membership base, which includes more than half of the nation’s acute care providers - including academic medical centers, pediatric facilities, community hospitals, integrated health delivery networks, and ambulatory care providers—with an annual purchasing volume of more than $110 billion.

Speaking about the combined offerings, Amin Rahme, president, and CEO of Surgery Exchange, says, “As the first company to develop comprehensive implant/bill-only process technology solutions, this extension of Surgery Exchanges combined offering with Vizient ensures best in class solutions are now available to hospitals and surgery centers across the country. This strategic partnership represents the true value that can be realized in collaborations that involve proprietary and legacy expertise in service of the entire surgical supply chain.”

Speaking about the partnership, Simrit Sandhu, executive vice president, transformation and clinical supply solutions for Vizient, says, “We sought to expand our relationship with Surgery Exchange because they have a proven track record of effectively and successfully deploying solutions to address a critical need of our membership. As the leading provider of solutions specific to implant bill-only surgeries, Surgery Exchange quickly expands our capabilities in this area.”

Implants and associated accessories account for between 30 percent and 40 percent of surgical costs. Providers struggle to cut costs due to the complex, redundant manual processes associated with implant/bill-only, which results in increased inefficiencies and wasteful spending. By increasing and combining clinical and spend data capabilities, Surgery Exchanges improved software product lines, which are now in use across the country, further advances process optimization, analytics, and insights for Vizients members.

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