SwiftMD Introduces Website and Telehealth App

SwiftMD Introduces Website and Telehealth App

Healthcare Tech Outlook | Monday, February 21, 2022

SwiftMD has rebranded its website and launched a telemedicine app to demonstrate its dedication to facilitating access to high-quality healthcare

FREMONT, CA: Telemedicine has developed into a household term. Individuals use the program to contact doctors to seek treatment. This practice provides services to patients who are located in another area. There has been a rise in mobile apps for telemedicine during the last few years. SwiftMD, a telehealth provider with the industry's highest utilization rate, has come up with a redesigned website, SwiftMD.com, and telehealth app as part of a brand refresh.

"The website rebrand continues to build on our success in providing access to quality care with an ease-of-use approach," states John Lawlor, President, and CEO of SwiftMD. "And our new tagline—Talk to a Doctor. Anytime. Anywhere - reinforces how patients can take advantage of our 24/7 telehealth service in any setting, be it at home, or in the office."

The redesigned website incorporates a more modern, streamlined design and new messaging that speaks directly to the markets they serve (K-12, colleges and universities, government agencies, unions, TPAs, self-insured companies, and payors) and highlights the telemedicine company's pioneering use of the capitation model and money-back guarantee.

The new website messaging also spotlights how the telehealth company has eliminated lengthy patient registration forms and sped up the physician callback time. "Unlike other telehealth platforms out there, SwiftMD doesn't make its patients fill out a single registration form," adds Lawlor. "Furthermore, the average callback time to connect to a doctor is just 7 minutes. We're living up to the promise of our name, SwiftMD."

SwiftMD is also releasing its telehealth app and the new website design. The SwiftMD telehealth app is available in the App Store and Google Play. It allows SwiftMD users to communicate with U.S. board-certified physicians through audio or video call at any time.

"Although SwiftMD already provides the highest utilization in the industry, we wanted to upgrade our telehealth app to help members gain unlimited and effortless access to our exclusive high-quality physician group for the most common illnesses," concludes Lawlor. "We pride ourselves on offering the highest healthcare cost savings: from no consult-fees for patients to our ROI guarantee for any client whose utilization rate doesn't meet their goals."



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