SymphonyRM collaborates with Silverline to Provide Better...

SymphonyRM collaborates with Silverline to Provide Better Healthcare Platform

Healthcare Tech Outlook | Friday, September 04, 2020

SymphonyRM collaborated with Silverline to offer the users with AI-powered patient engagement software that will have Salesforce Health Cloud and Marketing Cloud implemented in it.

FREMONT, CA: Recently, SymphonyRM announced its premier partnership with Silverline. A Salesforce Platinum Partner that will influence SymphonyRM's HealthOS Data Platform merged with Silverline's healthcare implementation standards developed by applying more than a thousand Salesforce. Silverline's core healthcare team is led by industry professionals who have in-depth and different experiences in consulting, clinical, and technical roles. In June, SymphonyRM introduced its HealthOS Salesforce Extension on Salesforce AppExchange. It will offer healthcare organizations the power to reveal their data silos and leverage artificial intelligence (AI) to create a personalized experience for the patient and members. This partnership is aimed to integrate SymphonyRM's HealthOS Data Platform, Next Best Action, and Influence Engines with Silverline’sSalesforce Health Cloud and Marketing Cloud. With this solution, the users will have a speed that they can use to measure the value of the patient engagement teams, population health, and healthcare marketing.  

SymphonyRM's Health AI Powers Patient Engagement

According to Mike Linnert, the CEO of SymphonyRM, the healthcare market has become extremely competitive nowadays. The new non-traditional have also started to customize consumer engagement by offering digital capabilities. Therefore, it has become important for healthcare organizations to reconsider their strategies and investments. Data science and AI are vital tools that can be utilized for personalizing, prioritizing, and actively influencing healthcare behaviors. SymphonyRM, along with Silverline, can successfully bring an extensive portfolio of healthcare-specific, dynamic, and AI-driven Next Best Action with Silverline's healthcare team.

SymphonyRM's AI platform merges machine learning and human creativity to initiate better patient and provider relationships. The healthcare engagement goes through an arduous rule with the SymphonyRM. It is operated with the help of data science toidentify consumer requirements and introduce the Next Best Action across all consumer touchpoints.

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