TAO Connect Presents a New Learner Dashboard for its Digital Mental...

TAO Connect Presents a New Learner Dashboard for its Digital Mental Health Platform

Healthcare Tech Outlook | Thursday, December 30, 2021

While perusing over 150 interactive sessions and mindfulness exercises on TAO Connects' evidence-based, self-guided mental health platform, users will notice a new appearance and feel.

FREMONT, CA: “We want to continue to meet users where they are and provide them with mental health and wellness information on a platform that's easy to use and intuitive," comments Dr. Sherry Benton, chief science officer and founder of TAO Connect. TAO Connect, a digital platform dedicated to increasing the accessibility and effectiveness of behavioral health care, has come up with its all-new Learner Dashboard. This highly anticipated enhancement enables users to explore personalized suggestions based on their activity and popular themes easily and intuitively while also discovering new content aesthetically portrayed as if it were their favorite streaming service. The new dashboard allows users to keep track of which modules they've viewed on a particular subject while the application queues further films in the form of a to-do list. This level of integration helps keep users focused on completing modified sets of interest via TAO Connect's comprehensive portfolio of mental health and wellness workouts. “Our goal is the same in that we are working to improve patient outcomes and increase access to mental healthcare with our self-paced platform. The new Learner Dashboard works with our users and their activity to provide the assistance that they need in a way that is familiar to them,” adds Dr. Benton.

The TAO Connects platform, which universities and companies use throughout the United States and Canada, features over 150 interactive sessions on anxiety, depression, sleep, sexual violence, and substance addiction. Additionally, customers can access TAO Connects' AI chatbot, TAO Assistant, which leads users around the platform to discover a tailored plan for their unique mental health needs. Numerous mental health exercises are also available on the platform, including a library of mindfulness meditations, exercises, and journal prompts.

“We’re thrilled to launch TAO Connects new Learner Dashboard to continue offering users engaging supplemental behavioral health content and providing them with the flexibility that they appreciate,” states Bob Clark, CEO of TAO Connect. “It's important to us that we evolve along with our users’ needs and preferences. This is just the beginning of what’s next for TAO Connect.”

Similar to how users select movies or television series on streaming platforms, the Learner Dashboard can be configured to offer specific titles based on category, a particular interest, or by learning about the user's prior selections to provide more personalized recommendations.

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