Technologies Set To Transform Pharma

Technologies Set To Transform Pharma

Healthcare Tech Outlook | Friday, April 19, 2019

pharmaceutical industryThe pharmaceutical industry is proactive in adopting technologies, primarily because of domain complexities.  Modern technologies, like artificial intelligence, biosensors, and mobile apps provide companies with vast amounts of patient data, enabling more advanced analysis and, as a result, precision medicine.  The introduction of regulations that require assurance on areas such as validation, reproducibility and the availability of PAT tools ought to nudge a company into looking for a technology upgrade.

Precision medicine combines clinical and molecular data to understand the biological basis of illness. Through genome sequencing, this information can be obtained by converting DNA into data. Researchers can make use of this data to identify gene abnormalities, or biomarkers, to understand which types of the drug will be most effective for a particular patient, and who is likely to experience severe side-effects. This can aid in the development of new targeted therapies and the repurposing of existing drugs.

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Nanotechnology is evolving rapidly and encouraging increased adherence researchers are developing nanotechnology that can track when patients take their medication. The nanoparticles, once consumed can send signals to demonstrate that the drug has been made and the information would then be fed back to a physician and the patient through a mobile application.  

Previously the drug experimentation was done on animals or human beings, but now the research institutes are researching simulation model drug testing. In this process, drugs will be tested on simulated models of the human body with the use of supercomputers. By using simulating model drug testing, no one would get hurt in the drug testing process.

3D printing can manufacture medical prostheses, equipment, and pharmaceuticals. The FDA approved the first drug printed out with a 3D printer in 2015.

Technology is a fantastic tool, but pharmaceuticals need to focus on its advances if they want a say in how it will transform the industry.  Pharma must find new solutions to thrive on that in a way that products are still safe and regulated.

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