The Changing Landscape of Primary Care in Canada

The Changing Landscape of Primary Care in Canada

Alex D'Souza,Healthcare Tech Outlook | Thursday, February 24, 2022

If healthcare companies focus on the patient experience, optimize primary care staff, and construct quality and trust into primary care systems, Canadians may have a brighter future.

Fremont, CA: While patient care has advanced substantially over the previous several decades to include better technology, improved treatments, more effective pharmaceuticals, and clinicians with access to multinational networks at their fingertips, the Canadian model for primary care has not progressed much swiftly. Primary Care, sometimes known as the "Family doctor" model, has long been a staple of Canadian healthcare systems. For a good reason: it is one of the most effective strategies to include preventative medicine and early intervention into a healthcare system.

KPMG polled 2,000 Canadian individuals to learn about patients' attitudes toward primary care. The poll aimed to gain a better understanding of primary care utilization and how Canadians perceive present difficulties, possibilities for improvement, and changing primary care models in Canada.

The results of the poll present a changing picture of a landscape profoundly influenced by the COVID-19 pandemic. Significant trends have emerged, such as an increase in demand for virtual appointments, new billing codes and payment methods, increased competitiveness as Canadian brands enter the market and a stronger expectation for patient participation and partnership. Policymakers are facing several challenges to keep up with the rapid rate of change. This brings the question, what role does the government play in managing this evolution?

As consumers anticipate a more integrated, streamlined, and accessible future of primary care, the goal of Canadian healthcare organizations is to give valuable insights that will assist in driving success and improved results for providers and patients. The future may be healthier for all Canadians if the healthcare businesses focus on the patient experience, optimize the primary care staff, and build quality and trust in primary care systems.

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