The Effective Utilization of Population Health Management Platforms

The Effective Utilization of Population Health Management Platforms

Healthcare Tech Outlook | Monday, June 03, 2019

FREMONT, CA: The effectiveness of healthcare IT depends on the prediction, prevention, and management of chronic health conditions. The efficient delivery of healthcare not only reduces total cost but will also help in promoting preventive measures. However, external factors such as health behaviors, social and economic factors, and the physical environment also come into play when assessing the population health management platforms. Hence, there is a need for healthcare delivery systems to expand their interactions with the public to improve the outcomes.

Based on the study by Frost & Sullivan, population health management platforms are most effective in prioritizing patients for personalized intervention, managing patient experience well across the care continuum, and accelerating the adoption of value-based care. Since the population health management is a primary requirement of health delivery systems, novel technologies which incorporate the program priorities are being assessed and adopted across the market.

An advanced population health management platform assists the clinicians in providing adequate healthcare to their patients. It enables the providers and patients to access, share, and exchange relevant information as well as to evaluate it in their preferred manner. It helps them in their decision-making process to improve their services to the consumers. It also assists patients and providers to interact through electronic messages. All things considered, it facilitates a seamless transition across the health care process.

However, meeting the basic requirements of the population health management program is not sufficient to ensure a practical healthcare approach. Adoption of real-time reporting also plays a vital role in facilitating time-effectiveness. The incorporation can enable physicians to gather information in a matter of seconds, instead of taking up minutes and hours via the traditional approach.

The development of a value-based healthcare system requires the reinforcement of an effective population health management platform, which can facilitate ease of access and deployment to enhance the workflow of the medical industry. Healthcare organizations need to broaden their patient engagement and extend their population health strategies beyond the current framework of healthcare. They will have to invest in people and evaluate the result of their investment in terms of health improvement and patient engagement.

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