The First Guidance for Investing in Digital Health Technology

The First Guidance for Investing in Digital Health Technology

Healthcare Tech Outlook | Tuesday, June 11, 2019

FREMONT, CA: Digital health is about connecting up the factors of care using technologies so that health information can be shared, across networks. As a first step to understanding how digital health technologies can deliver safe, secure, and better quality healthcare. The use of technologies is not only changing the way people communicate but is also providing path-breaking ways to monitor the health and well being and giving better access to information. When considering to implement digital technologies, specific practical guidelines must be followed. Read on!

•  Understanding the Market

Investment in digital health technology needs evaluating technology options available in the market. Creating a short list of candidate technologies can also accelerate digital health innovation. The possible goals of the selected technology could be to optimize workflow, strengthen relationship and communication, empower patients, and simplify the management of clinical trials.

•  Processing the Data

When using wearable within a clinical trial, users will be receiving data throughout the day. This volume of data needs advanced analytical techniques such as machine learning and artificial intelligence to process the data, extract trends, and identify health condition. Before implementing healthcare technologies, one must ensure this factor.

•  Collection Platform

Another consideration is the collection platform. Many wearable devices do not have modes of transmission but instead need to go through an ePRO or an eCOA device, acting as a hub to transfer the data. So before selecting the right equipment, sponsors also need to choose the right tool for data transmission.

The future of digital technologies is exciting, and plenty of new devices and applications are coming to the market. Healthcare industry needs to ensure that they are proactive in keeping abreast with the latest technology explosion in the domain and is rigorous in selecting the right devices for clinical purposes. 

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