The Next Revolution in Dental care With Technology

The Next Revolution in Dental care With Technology

Healthcare Tech Outlook | Monday, April 01, 2019

In this era of advancement in technology and medicine, dentistry has not witnessed any patient-centric innovation. But smart technologies are sweeping in to make the service more affordable and accessible to a greater demographic. But soon dentists will be replaced by robots because some significant changes are occurring throughout the industry.

Algorithms have advanced to allow professionals to process the massive amount of patient data. Smart learning machines can roll out more analysis of the risks and potential outcomes of procedures by processing patient data and information received from comprehensive studies. This helps dentists render more accurate results to show their patients.

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By using radiographs, artificial intelligence can help detect tooth decay. When assisted with AI, industry professionals noted that the speed with which a dentist cab review the radiographs increased along with the increased viewing capability. For instance, a dentist is generally able to interpret about 10 to 15 sets of bitewing radiographs daily. AI can combat missed details in scanning for decay by highlighting potential areas of risk after using data sets. It makes the dentist's job easier and improves the efficiency and accuracy of their job.

The Internet of Things (IoT) is expanding into the dental industry and transforming the way people maintain and care for their oral health. Special mouth guards or even smart sensors on an implant will soon be able to track decay, alert of changes, or also use user behavior to help improve eating habits. For instance, there are smart toothbrushes in the market that are capable of gathering data using cameras, and pH sensors.

Technology in the dental industry will continue to be used in innovative ways in future also. Smart technologies powered AI, and IoT will help individuals feel empowered to take their oral health into their own hands in a way that is safe and efficient.

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