The Potential of Dental Technology and its Advancements

The Potential of Dental Technology and its Advancements

Healthcare Tech Outlook | Monday, October 14, 2019

Providentially, new technological enhancements are making visits to the dentist quicker, less painful, and more dependable. Due to the advancements, dental industry is proliferating and is seeing a persistent makeover than it did in past years.

FREMONT, CA: Apart from wearing a pleasant smile, having a dental care routine is essential to the overall health of a person. Despite its benefits, most people chose to weasel dental appointments because of their discomfort. Also, it was quite considered an undesirable experience to visit a dentist during the past decade. Earlier the process required the patient to sit beneath a bright light and having the mouth marched in with a variety of dental equipment.

Providentially, new technological enhancements are making visits to the dentist quicker, less painful, and more dependable. Due to the advancements, dental industry is proliferating and is seeing a persistent makeover than it did in past years. A more significant emphasis on the treatment and prevention will denote fewer cavities in patients along with less risk of periodontal disease. Akin to innovation in other healthcare professions, the new technologies will have a considerable impact on the dental treatments of the patients. Additionally, the improvements will also lead to how people will take care of their oral hygiene at home.

Smart Toothbrush 

Today, most homes contain smart devices, and it is already finding its way into the kitchen appliances along with other tools in living rooms and bedrooms. So, there is no reason for bathrooms to be any different. The thought of having sensors to monitor the brushing habits could seem a little strange to anyone using it for the time. Nonetheless, smart electric toothbrushes ensure that one has brushed their teeth in the right manner for exceptional results. Additionally, a smart toothbrush can also offer kids with games and other benefits within connected applications for regular and proper cleaning of teeth.

Augmented Reality

With its applications extended in all the fields like education, medicine, and entertainment, augmented reality has become highly popular. Furthermore, the technology also seems to transform the world virtually and has also seen enormous potential in the dental professions. Several technology uses of the interactive experience are seen in the professors’ and students’ coursework development at several schools and programs. The technology is chiefly useful for demonstrating techniques on dental models, thereby letting students practice. 

Digital Dentures

Conventional ways of making dentures are reducing drastically. In the past, the dental process would take weeks and multiple visits to the dentist to get a pair of dentures created and fitted. In the present day, digital dentures present a new system to produce precision-fitted dentures within a fraction of time. The method uses enhanced software, materials, and devices to create dentures with no difficulty. Computer-aided manufacturing and computer-aided design (CAM/CAD) is what makes the new process possible. Furthermore, the technique allows dentists and dental technicians to formulate a new pair of dentures using material discs to compose prostheses. Besides, with digital dentures, a complete pair of dentures can be manufactured in just a few steps.


Most people are reluctant when visiting a dentist for personal reasons; it can be especially difficult for special needs or older people or persons with disabilities. The occasion is when teledentistry comes into the picture. The aptitude to provide dental solutions over the internet can offer the required services to every individual who does not have access to a dentist regularly. The type of technology can be enormously helpful for people living in remote areas where no dental clinics are positioned. The service also lets dentists capture images, take clinical notes, and send the data to other dentists. Moreover, the video chatting facility of the software allows video consultations with the doctor live. If the dental surgeons see an issue, they will recommend an in-person visit to a local dentist for further assessment.

Intra-Oral Camera

One of the major complaints that dental patients have is to sit on the dentist’s chair and open their mouths uncomfortably full. With the employment of new technology like the intra-oral camera, this discomfort will exist no longer. The tool allows the surgeons to look inside the patient’s mouth with the help of a dental mirror with a camera mounted on it. Furthermore, the dentist can see the images captured by the camera on the screen outside the patient’s mouth without any discomfort.

Additionally, there are a lot of other dental technology solutions that are coming into the market. With the discovery of new patient care requirements, dental innovations are posed to entirely transform the world of dentistry and the way one looks at oral health.

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