The Rise of In-Home Care Services

The Rise of In-Home Care Services

Healthcare Tech Outlook | Wednesday, July 03, 2019

Kyle Armbrester, CEO of Signify Health

It's great to have advanced in-home care services from healthcare providers. New health-based communities are formed to help patients get all the care they need right at the comfort of their homes.

FREMONT, CA: "The launch of Signify Community brings a new dimension to our work with the country's most frail and vulnerable patients," says Kyle Armbrester, CEO of Signify Health. "Through our house call programs we've long observed and reported on the social stresses that drive adverse outcomes in our patients. Now we'll be able to swiftly act on these complex issues and build healthier communities while we improve the lives of individual patients." Signify Health launches social determinants of health solution with proven outcomes.  

Signify Health procures of TAVHealth, a leading platform for collaborating with risk-bearing and community-based institutions to address SDOH and has now integrated the solution with its other products and services. Signify Health's network of in-home clinicians routinely identifies SDOH issues in the houses of over a million high-risk people enrolled in government-sponsored health programs. Problems can be addressed through the creation of curated networks of community-based organizations and a privacy-enabled technology platform. Through Signify's home and facility-based complex care management programs, the clinical needs of the patients can also be addressed.

Combining community-based teams with the company's in-home and in-office evaluative assistance utilizes the non-traditional insight attained from these encounters with accountable and effective care programs. Clinical information and social information will be combined into a longitudinal record which will enable a complete view into a member's health status. The community provides specialized outreach teams that are trained in motivational interviewing techniques and health psychology. They use this platform to assess members telephonically, collaborate with network participants, refer them to relevant community programs, and coordinate the delivery of social services.

Signify Health is a leading provider of technology-enabled in-home care and complex care management services. The company partners with the healthcare industries to enhance the quality of life by implementing comprehensive social and clinical care whenever needed most.

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