The Role of Social Media in assisting Healthcare Industry

The Role of Social Media in assisting Healthcare Industry

Healthcare Tech Outlook | Friday, May 31, 2019

FREMONT, CA: The widespread use of the internet has become a talking point. A majority of people on the internet are users of many social media platforms. Social media has all the potential to be used for healthcare with its dynamic features and innovative use cases, attracting the users or the healthcare providers globally.

The free reign that people get on social media platforms sometimes leads to the spread of misinformation. These bits of misinformation can be particularly damaging. Unfounded beliefs and facts about medications and vaccines which are not backed by studies, often, make their way to people who accept them unquestioned. Medical professionals can quickly help counter this by dispelling any wrong beliefs and spread the word about good healthcare practices instead. Regularly posting developments in the healthcare industry will ensure that the general public stays aware. The sheer outreach that social media platforms provide can make general healthcare accessible to everyone, all across the world.

Health conditions place limitations that make it impossible to have a healthy life or friends. This is where the power of social media can be tapped to make the situation better. Patients suffering from a particular disease can find online communities that house similar patients. These congregations interact online and act as support systems for patients. Patients can also stay connected to all the people they love through social media and not miss out on the life outside. This whole connectivity can lend a lot of social support and motivation to patients.

Incredible new developments are happening in the healthcare industry regularly. Inclusion of robotics, AI, smart diagnostic tools, and other such technologies is driving changes for the better. These technologies can assist in developing social media as a medium for healthcare. Previously, the only means of getting oneself checked was by visiting a doctor, but now healthcare facilities are available through video-calls and telephonic conversations. This is enhancing the outreach and accessibility of medical facilitates substantially.

These instances demonstrate how social media can play an essential role in taking healthcare to the masses and creating a sense of well-being. The internet is full of possibilities, and it is tailored for the people to make the best use of it. 

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