This Is How AI Helps With Revenue Cycle Management In Healthcare

This Is How AI Helps With Revenue Cycle Management In Healthcare

Healthcare Tech Outlook | Tuesday, November 05, 2019

AI manages the revenue of the healthcare provider by allowing them to achieve operational efficiency, compliance and optimal reimbursement.

FREMONT, CA: Artificial Intelligence (AI), presently dominating the headlines, is harnessed to assist the revenue managers of hospitals and healthcare facilities sell their services for the simplest price. Artificial intelligence can facilitate to understand the real demand for their services by better understanding client searches and choices. AI systems are often trained by tracking human selections in revenue cycle management and teaching the machine to produce an automated version of the process.

AI is often applied to different analytic tasks, for instance generating specific market segments that may reveal the correlation between client data and preferences. Such revenue cycle management systems automatically creates forecast groups that can identify patterns and similarities from data related to historical booking and characteristic information. The automated solutions that combine AI and Machine Learning (ML) algorithms in the revenue system can measure the nearest competitor’s demand level, pricing, and so on.

A data-driven revenue cycle management system can drastically improve pricing efficiency.  The ML-based revenue cycle management system combines different strategies and data sources to set the best available rate for each area category on each date. The algorithms behind this dynamic pricing engine take into consideration customer profiles, care varieties and prices, and external data including competitor prices, reputation scores data and even booking patterns captured on different sources.

In addition to rating, inventory management is another necessary aspect of revenue cycle management. Revenue managers are allowed to capture the opportunity to increase costs and maximize revenue on high demand instances while maximizing occupancy on fewer demand days. An AI-based advanced revenue system can automatically formulate decisions and select the revenue strategies applicable to numerous market segments. Today’s advanced AI-powered revenue cycle management system deploys automatic inventory strategy that improves profits and productivity.

Embracing AI technologies to improve repetitive tasks will help revenue managers in freeing up their time in concentrating areas where they can add additional value to their healthcare services.

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