Time to Enhance Supply Networks in the Pharma Companies

Time to Enhance Supply Networks in the Pharma Companies

Healthcare Tech Outlook | Wednesday, July 17, 2019

Supply Chain in HealthcareThe digital transformation has transformed the supply chain in the pharmaceutical industry in areas like manufacturing, distribution, supplying, and other economic factors.

FREMONT, CA:  Over the last couple of years, business sectors like banking, education, and many more have embraced digital transformation. Similarly, the pharma industry is adopting digitalization to provide better facilities for patients.

The rise in fake drugs has resulted in the loss of lives globally, due to this, the patients and providers are demanding the pharmaceutical industry for an end-to-end supply network visibility with the help of digitalization in the process of the supply chain. Although a lot of pharma companies are already leveraging the digitalization for the following reasons;

One is to have end-to-end transparency in the supply chain by placing sensors to collect data and knowledge about the stock and distribution of the product.

The artificial intelligence (AI) helps the companies to anticipate capabilities and provides higher accuracy in forecasting, inventory optimization, performance understanding, and evaluation of supplier's reliability.

The reasons mentioned above provide a gist on the benefits of digitalization in the pharma industry. However, the digital transformation has spread its wings in all the pharmaceutical sectors that help in reaching greater heights.

Digitalization benefits in the pharmaceutical supply network

The advent of digitalization has enabled transparency in the process of the supply chain by stocking their production and distribution.  Also, it provides end-to-end visibility to the product destination. It also helps in tackling issues like fake drug and stocks of expiry drugs.

However, with greater transparency in the supply chain, the companies tend to recover $25 billion with the help of inventory reduction. Companies can bring a better approach to inventory issues by analyzing data of inventory, distribution, and forecasting.

Future of supply chain

The digitalization in the supply chain helps in providing quality control as well as saves cost. The producers leverage the digital transformation to perform their work more quickly by ensuring easy accessibility of products at the right place and location, increase distribution network, manage performance, and utilizing the new technology for better process and sustain in the competitive market.

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