Top 2021 Healthcare Technology Trends

Top 2021 Healthcare Technology Trends

Healthcare Tech Outlook | Thursday, May 27, 2021

Smartphones, wearables, and growing IoMT infrastructures can improve the healthcare sector and provide better patient care

FREMONT, CA :In a short period, COVID-19 has been an unparalleled disruption to every aspect of the healthcare industry. Even though the healthcare technology sector has historically been slow to develop, development is necessary to fight the pandemic. AI in healthcare and other critical technologies are essential for resolving the crisis and stimulating future growth.

Important technological innovations must be analyzed to understand where the healthcare technology industry is headed. Businesses are still looking for new methods to boost their performance, productivity, and quality, even though proven systems are often favored for their reliability.

While the industry's response has dramatically demonstrated its resilience and capability to bring innovations to market rapidly, the World Economic Forum states that the disruption came with increasing pains, like health organizations faced supply, personnel, and support shortages for months on end.

As COVID-19 comes under control, here are some of the leading technology developments that healthcare businesses can anticipate in 2021.


The usage of telehealth resources has increased dramatically as a result of COVID-19. In April 2020, telehealth methods replaced in-person visits by 43.5 percent. One of the most significant advantages of telehealth over in-person is that it avoids interaction between patients, healthcare providers, and other patients. Wearable devices give healthcare employees access to real-time information on patient data while they're still at home.

The Internet of Medical Things (IoMT)

For several patients and physicians, various devices and mobile apps have become essential in monitoring and preventing chronic illnesses. A new Internet of Medical Things (IoMT) has been developed by integrating IoT development with telemedicine and telehealth technologies. This method makes use of various wearables, such as ECG and EKG monitors. Other standard medical tests, like skin temperature, glucose level, and blood pressure readings, can also be taken with this device.


Blockchain is a trend that has the potential to transform the healthcare industry in 2020 significantly and beyond. Healthcare facilities may use digital ledgers to safely transmit transaction records to patients, significantly improving data security. The peer-to-peer system of blockchain enables a vast number of users to access a shared ledger securely. There is no need to have a trust foundation between two parties due to blockchain. As healthcare technology advances, portability, security, and accessibility are desired goals that can be achieved with blockchain and other trends such as IoMT and cloud computing.

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