Top 3 Reasons Why Ambulatory Surgery Center EHR Adoption is Critical

Top 3 Reasons Why Ambulatory Surgery Center EHR Adoption is Critical

Healthcare Tech Outlook | Wednesday, September 16, 2020

Today's ASCs are challenged by tightened reimbursement, growing competition for physicians, patients, and staff; greater scrutiny by regulatory bodies; increased reporting requirements, and more.

FREMONT, CA: These factors and various others are pushing ASCs to identify different ways they can continue providing a high quality of care while cutting down errors, enhancing outcomes, boosting efficiency, and reducing costs. An increasing number of surgery centers turn into a solution that supports these objectives during the most challenging times is an electronic health records system (EHR).

Here are three reasons why ambulatory surgery center EHR adoption is critical in the current healthcare environment.

Top 10 EMR EHR Solution Companies - 2020Enhance Patient Safety and Quality Outcomes

Any ASC technology investment must consider the impact this will have on patient safety and delivering high-quality care. An EHR can support an ASC's efforts to improve both of these. For instance, it offers extensive clinical data that reveals trends and outcomes to help the center make quality improvements. This kind of data is challenging to obtain with the paper charts. An EHR can also standardize the processes for a consistent clinical workflow. Lastly, an EHR can be configured to make specific fields required, ensuring a comprehensive and legible chart for future use.

Boost Profitability

An EHR can improve a surgery center's bottom line. EHRs provide access to statistics that enables ASCs to perform better-detailed case costing and analysis, benchmark data, identify historical patterns, and optimize the scheduling of patients, rooms, surgeons, staff, equipment, and anesthesia personnel.

Additionally, by reducing or eliminating on-site paper storage, an ASC can free up the process's valuable physical space. Surgery centers might convert the available space into new patient care areas that can help increase volume.

Improve OR Efficiency

EHRs can have a significant role in enhancing efficiency throughout an ASC, including the operating room (OR). EHRs usually include features that support the automatic capturing of vitals and various patient-specific values from the surgical and anesthesia monitors and integrating them into the patient file.

Multi-specialty ASCs can benefit from the EHR features that help in the creation of charts specific to different specialties and procedures.

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