Top Tips for Cybersecurity in Healthcare

Top Tips for Cybersecurity in Healthcare

Healthcare Tech Outlook | Wednesday, January 16, 2019

Frequent cyber attacks and data breaches occurring today makes healthcare departments tending to invest in cybersecurity to prevent these threats. For taking sufficient safety measures, it is essential to be aware of the causes and potentialities of these vulnerabilities.

Cyber Security Challenges in Healthcare :

1. Cyber attackers use malware and ransomware to shut down devices, servers, and even networks. In some cases, ransom is demanded to decrypt of data.

2. A large amount of healthcare data is stored in the cloud, it can be a weak spot for the security of healthcare organizations.

3. Misleading websites are creating the illusion that they are reputable ones.

4. Phishing attacks are sending mass amounts of emails to obtain sensitive information from users.

5. Encryption of blind spots where hackers can hide from the tools meant for detecting breaches.

6. Employee error can leave organizations susceptible to attack through weak passwords and unencrypted devices.

Strategies for Improving Cybersecurity :

1. Establishing a cybersecurity culture with emphasizing on training and educating every member of the organization to protect critical data.

2. Protecting mobile devices used in care providing through encryption and other protective measures.

3. Employee onboarding must include best practices for the use of a computer including software and operating system maintenance.

4. The internet connected device must have a firewall.

5. Installing and maintaining anti-virus software are essential for safeguarding healthcare systems and sensitive data.

6. Regular backing up of files can help in quick and easy data restoration. Storing the backed up information away from the central system also is effective.

7. Use of strong passwords and changing them regularly can ensure data security up to an extent.

8. Limiting network access.

9. Controlling physical access by keeping devices and critical information in secure memory areas.

The above guidelines could help healthcare organization to orchestrate a plan for cybersecurity.

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