Transformative Power of Technology in the Healthcare Industry

Transformative Power of Technology in the Healthcare Industry

Alex D'Souza, Healthcare Tech Outlook | Tuesday, October 19, 2021

The transformative power of technology could not be missing from the healthcare industry.

FREMONT, CA: The implementation of technology in healthcare has resulted in better diagnosis and treatment of patients over the years. Out of all the benefitted industries from technology adoption, healthcare is probably the essential one. Consequently, it enhanced the quality of life over time, and it has saved several lives. Here are some of the benefits of technology in healthcare and some groundbreaking medical technologies in healthcare right now.

To begin, IT allows health practitioners to store data relating to a patient’s health records. It also improved the communication of patient data through a legible format that anyone can use. As a result, it mitigates the chance of medication errors. Finally, it makes it seamless to retrieve patient information through a database without health checks. All the technologies in healthcare have a thing in common; they enhance health and patient safety. The use of medical technology safeguards patient safety. First, there are alerts on medication, reminders, consultation and diagnosis reports, and patient data seamless availability.

In recent years there have been several groundbreaking advancements in technology in healthcare. 3-D printing has been around for a few years in several fields. When it comes to medicine, it generates implants or even joints for surgery. It is also important in prosthetics as it can develop perfect matching limbs enabling extra comfort and mobility. Robotic surgery adds control and flexibility to a surgeon’s hands to operate as non-invasively as possible to a patient. It has enabled making certain operations seamless or even possible. VR is being used heavily in the past few years but mainly for entertainment purposes. However, virtual reality can help medical students have “real life” experiences in processes and visual understanding of human anatomy.

Began as a fitness tracker to monitor heart rate and pace, healthcare wearables highlighted healthcare ability. Health wearables can identify cardiovascular anomalies earlier and prevent severe conditions. It is a very up-and-coming market that enables patients to get medical care through digital devices. Patients can seamlessly have access to their doctor while they can get a diagnosis and medical advice.

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