USA Emergency Centers Rolls Out Ally Medical Emergency Room

USA Emergency Centers Rolls Out Ally Medical Emergency Room

Healthcare Tech Outlook | Tuesday, February 16, 2021

USA Emergency Centers revamps emergency medicine and launching new Ally Medical Emergency Room centers across Texas.

FREMONT, CA: USA Emergency Centers reinvents emergency medicine and releasing new Ally Medical Emergency Room centers at five locations across Texas. The brand reflects its patient-first philosophy and focuses on empowering its healthcare team to provide the right care right away.

Its physician-owned ERs are tailored to eliminate wait times and are armed with qualified and dedicated members that focus on patients' emergency care. The company wants to feel its patients feel at home at the ERs and consider their partners when faced with a medical emergency. The board-certified emergency physicians, the majority of which are partners, take the time to listen to patients' concerns and develop a treatment plan that responds to their specific requirements.

Ally Medical ER is also releasing five freestanding emergency rooms across Texas, including Bastrop, Clear Lake, South and Central Austin, and Round Rock, with additional locations planned for 2021. The organization's mission, aligned with its brand vision, is to serve as an ally to patients and their communities to offer optimal and accessible emergency care.   

Each Ally Medical ER can treat all medical emergencies for children and adults of all ages in a safe, stress-free setting. The ER facility offers on-site testing and imaging services, like ultrasound, X-ray, and CT scanners that accelerate diagnoses and treatments to stabilize acute illnesses and injuries. Ally Medical ERs also manage hospital transfer agreements if patient requirements to be transferred for an inpatient stay, surgery, blood transfusions, and higher acuity cases. ERs' team is empowered to develop the optimal care plan for patients and serve as their allies in health.

Ally Medical ERs specializes in offering emergency and trauma care, ranging from broken bones and injuries, allergy and asthma attacks, severe stomach or chest pain that may flag a severe condition. USA Emergency Centers is converting many of its current facilities, licensed to function as Physicians PremiER emergency rooms, to the Ally Medical ER firm. In December 2020, USA Emergency Centers opened its location at 8721 Manchaca Road in South Austin, as Ally Medical ER.

While the freestanding ER segment remains new to Texas, as emergency room physicians ourselves, we believe were delivering a model of care that has played a vital role during the pandemic and delivers a new choice for Texans and their families.

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