Utilizing Digital Tools and Apps Helps to Fight Depression

Utilizing Digital Tools and Apps Helps to Fight Depression

Healthcare Tech Outlook | Monday, July 15, 2019

The availability and accessibility of various digital health apps and tools help in early diagnosis and treatment of depression and other mental illnesses in patients.

FREMONT, CA: The technological advancements have tremendously impacted our lifestyle. Autonomous cars are found on the streets, drones buzz the sky, smart home appliances change the outlook of our house, smart cities increases our standard of living and many more. These incredible advancements have not only changed our lifestyle but have also provided better health conditions. Although, when it comes to depression, technology has its answer to it.


Depression is commonly seen in the present millennials, who are most affected by it. However, the new technology has its role to play in managing and preventing depression. Some of the insurance companies use the cloud-based software platform called Quartet. It helps in reviewing medical records to target patients at risk for mental illness, later links them to appropriate care that includes in-person therapy and teletherapy. The primary care providers work with Quartet's network of behavioral health specialists via a digital platform.

Smartphones and wearables

Besides, many of the online tools are connected directly to patients through their smartphones or digital wearables such as Apple Watch or iWatch. These are designed with sensors that can collect and transmit real-time data on the person's physical markers like heart rate, respiration, and other routine works. Also, the behavioral health app's accessibility provides a source of support and a tool to help manage negative thoughts.

Moodpath and MoodTools

The moodpath app is a mental health application that helps to fight depression. It asks daily questions to screen symptoms of clinical depression, thereby aims to rise users awareness and understanding of their thoughts and feelings to which the app provides an electronic document designed to help in discussion with healthcare professionals. Similarly, the MoodTools is designed to withstand negative thoughts and reduce feelings of hopelessness through a variety of research-supported tools.

Useful tools like a thought dairy help in encouraging the users to write down their daily thoughts, it analyzes and detects negative thinking patterns. It is designed in collaboration with various mental health professionals. The app provides a safety plan, self-help guidelines, informational videos, and questionnaires to track the severity of symptoms in the users.

Thus, such apps help in diagnosing and treating depression and other mental illnesses. Today's chronic diseases are turning worse when diagnosed with depression, so these apps help in treating the patients better and improve quality of life as well as lower the health system costs.

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