V Group's Acquisition of Happy Hearts to Expand its In-Home Health...

V Group's Acquisition of Happy Hearts to Expand its In-Home Health Care Capabilities

Healthcare Tech Outlook | Monday, February 14, 2022

The combination of a dynamic firm like Happy Hearts Today and V Group will provide the Company with the exposure and resources it requires to achieve its full potential in providing personal care to the elderly.

Fremont, CA: In most nations, especially those with a growing older population, home healthcare is quickly becoming an established and preferred choice. Homecare is now available, so a senior does not have to go to a nursing facility if some aspects of independent living become too difficult for them. Happy Hearts, established in Louisiana, has been acquired by V Group. Happy Hearts Today is a Concierge In-Home Health and Companion Care Company with a track record of success and growth in a fast-growing industry.

Happy Hearts Today focuses on providing personal care to the elderly and physically disabled. Happy Hearts Today exclusively employs experienced caregivers who are attentive to the clients' requirements and aspirations, despite the fact that the company does not provide medical support. Happy Hearts Today is proud to be a part of the company's aim to help the elderly with anything from simple companionship to meal preparation to grocery shopping and any other need, whether part-time or round-the-clock.

Happy Hearts Today and V Group, Inc. will work together seamlessly. Happy Hearts Today will maintain complete operational control, with V Group, Inc. aiding with administrative tasks such as bookkeeping and billing. Once 12-months of revenues have been recorded in V Group's financial reports, both parties intend to engage the services of an auditing company, allowing the Company to become fully reporting. Happy Hearts Today and V Group will focus on developing and implementing an aggressive expansion strategy that includes franchise opportunities as well as insurance contracts in 2022 and beyond.

The million-dollar business, which operates in a multibillion-dollar market, has practically limitless potential for expansion. The combination of a dynamic company like Happy Hearts Today with V Group will give the company the exposure and resources it needs to achieve its full potential. The Company will provide V Group shareholders with a fantastic opportunity to invest in a rapidly developing company in a rapidly changing industry. This acquisition brings in a significant amount of revenue without interfering with any other ventures or opportunities that V Group is currently or will be pursuing.

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