V2 Communications Joins Hands with CarePort Health to Extend Its...

V2 Communications Joins Hands with CarePort Health to Extend Its Healthcare Tech Portfolio

Healthcare Tech Outlook | Friday, August 28, 2020

V2 Communications decides to join forces with CarePort to shine a light on critical healthcare industry challenges and opportunities for better care delivery at scale.

FREMONT, CA: V2 Communications (V2), a public relations and digital communications agency for global brands, adds CarePort Health (CarePort), a market pioneer in care transitions software, to its client portfolio. CarePort joins companies like DirectPath and Current Health on V2’s healthcare client roster.

CarePort is the forerunning care coordination network with hospitals, post-acute providers, payers and physician groups connected across the U.S. The end-to-end platform cements acute and post-acute electronic health record (EHR) data, offering visibility into the entire patient journey for providers, physicians, payers, and accountable care organizations (ACOs). Harnessing CarePort, healthcare professionals can efficiently coordinate patient care to better track and handle patients as they move through the continuum.

As the pandemic took hold of the world, V2 was brought in to help CarePort to increase brand awareness, showcase the value of its platform and position, CarePort as the authoritative voice on today’s critical healthcare industry challenges.  CarePort’s platform reveals interesting insights into patient care trends and outcomes by connecting providers. During the COVID-19 surge, CarePort was able to surface actionable information to care for COVID-19 patients. V2 is leveraging CarePort’s proprietary data and executive thought leadership to deliver the press pointed views on critical care trends within acute and post-acute settings, and has secured coverage on eye-opening COVID-19 trends.

To complement these efforts, the V2 agency is also nurturing third-party CarePort champions to validate and widen the reach of key messages. The team is also pursuing speaking engagements and regional campaigns to get in front of CarePort’s target audiences and other stakeholders. CarePort ensures that all stakeholders have access to actionable, real-time information at different levels of care. Its disruptive model and robust, cross-continuum data offer a unique opportunity to steer the industry dialogue during this unprecedented time.



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