Vantage Point Logistics Bags $9.5 Million in Funding from Radian...

Vantage Point Logistics Bags $9.5 Million in Funding from Radian Capital and Tamarind Hill

Healthcare Tech Outlook | Wednesday, February 13, 2019

Don Carroll, VP, Business Development , VPL

Efficient and effective healthcare supply chain management is a great endeavor especially when the end-results are directly linked to a patient’s life. Monitoring transfer of material from origin to end-point involves several pitfalls that may adversely impact the supply chain. Amid these hindrances, healthcare organizations around the globe are exploring freight management solutions that can reduce investment cost and improve quality of service.

Enter into the picture, Vantage Point Logistics (VPL), with proven capability in supply chain management, has won the trust of Radian Capital and Tamarind Hill and bagged a $9.5 million investment funding from them.

VPL has successfully established itself as one of the leading enterprises of supply chain management solutions within America in a short period. The edge technology solution catered by the company results in significant expense reduction and unparalleled visibility along the supply chain. They deliver equally efficient solutions to academic institutions. VPLs first undertaking—a billing and reporting system developed for grant-funded colleges and universities—is still renowned by the customers for its transparency and ease of use. The recently received funding will be optimized in designing and developing best-in-class technology and expand the workforce to leverage the company’s agile growth.

“VPL is very excited to welcome Radian Capital and Tamarind Hill to our team. Having the financial and strategic support of experienced technology investors validates VPL’s market opportunity and fuels our momentum,” said Rob Doone, CEO of VPL.  “We are well positioned to realize our long-term vision for the industry as we expand our technology platform to deliver visibility, efficiency, and control across the entire continuum of care, thereby lowering costs and improving the quality of healthcare.”

VPL has been already serving healthcare organizations with its full service (VPL Advance) and self-service (VPL Surpass) suites that help them to reduce freight expenses and contribute in achieving the ultimate goal of delivering high quality, affordable patient care. The company is also featured in ‘Top 10 Healthcare Supply Chain Management Solution Providers-2018’ list of Healthcare Tech Outlook for its VPL Surpass Suite. VPL looks forward to enabling health organizations in tracking up products during transit, providing the required visibility to eliminate waste and lower costs.       

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