Vault Health and Datavant to Connect Millions of COVID-19 Test...

Vault Health and Datavant to Connect Millions of COVID-19 Test Results

Healthcare Tech Outlook | Tuesday, February 01, 2022

Vault Health and Datavant offer access to millions of COVID-19 test results and unlock pandemic insights

FREMONT, CA: When a communicable illness outbreak develops, public health experts should begin testing for it immediately. Naturally, it is critical to treat, isolate, and hospitalize infected individuals. COVID-19 testing is also critical in the broader public health picture of mitigation efforts, assisting investigators in characterizing the disease's prevalence, dissemination, and contagiousness. Vault Health, a national leader in remote diagnostics and COVID testing, and Datavant, a leader in securely de-identifying and connecting health data, have formed a partnership that will enable life sciences and healthcare organizations to connect their data to Vault's vast collection of COVID-19 test data. Datavant will also support Vault's decentralized trial capabilities by connecting patients enrolled in Vault clinical trials to over 500 real-world data partners and enabling the retrieval of a patient's complete medical record from Datavant's more than 15,000 clinics and 2,200 hospitals with patient authorization.

"Our home diagnostics platform has enabled us to facilitate over 12 million U.S. COVID-19 tests," shares Jason Feldman, Co-Founder, and CEO of Vault Health. "Datavant enables Vault to engage with researchers from across healthcare and life sciences to conduct robust analyses of patient outcomes for both positive and negative COVID cases. Even more exciting is the way Datavants connectivity helps enrich remote trials we conduct for vaccine and diagnostics companies connecting both the patients clinical record and the spectrum of available real-world data."

"There are still many unanswered questions about COVID-19," notes Travis May, Founder, and President of Datavant. "As the pandemic continues to unfold, questions about variants, breakthrough infections, impact on vulnerable subpopulations, and re-infection need answers. Having a partner in our ecosystem who can contribute insight to these pressing questions will hopefully support bringing the next generation of vaccines and treatments to market."

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