Virtual mental health, femtech and AI are the new normal

Virtual mental health, femtech and AI are the new normal

Healthcare Tech Outlook | Monday, February 07, 2022

An estimation on the concerns related to the growing demand for virtual mental health, femtech and AI srunity

FREMONT, CA: A new research from BCG Digital Ventures (BCGDV), a part of the Boston Consulting Group (BCG), throws light on anticipated healthcare advances for 2022. The poll focused on three important topics that may increasingly affect future medical care, with virtual mental health being a trend throughout the exponential rise of remote care, AI, and femtech. The report is a qualitative analysis that compiles predictions from 14 global healthcare experts from the BCG Digital Ventures network each year. A firm spokeswoman told Healthcare IT News that at Digital Ventures, they represent a wide range of disciplines, including product, strategic design, and engineering. They worked as medical professionals or in businesses like health insurance, medtech, or pharma before joining BCGDV. 

The new normal of remote and hybrid working modes, which have expanded throughout the pandemic, according to BCGDV, will have a significant impact on future health care service. According to the forecast, many of the newly announced digital tools, solutions, platforms, and business models will remain and grow. The survey predicts a high demand for virtual mental health consultations in 2021. Last year, this field was responsible for 60 percent of all virtual medical visits. Another conclusion concerns femtech innovation: digital technologies and applications connected to women's health are progressively gaining relevance – especially since there has been a gap in care in the United States, with only 3 percent of all health agreements focusing on this sector since 2011.

Women, on the other hand, play a larger role in health decisions and spend roughly a third more on health care, according to the authors. Finally, artificial intelligence (AI) is gaining traction in the United States, with more than a hundred new AI and machine learning (ML)-based device approvals. The new BCG Digital Ventures report comes two years after the first one, which was released in 2021. The goal of the study series is to show what industry leaders need to know to navigate the shifting methods and modes of health care delivery. BCG Digital Ventures, a multidisciplinary network of entrepreneurs, operators, and investors, was launched in 2014. Last November's HIMSS21 APAC Conference featured a panel discussion on the growing need for virtual mental health care.

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