Virtual Reality Relieving Hospice Patients

Virtual Reality Relieving Hospice Patients

Healthcare Tech Outlook | Monday, March 18, 2019

With the advancement of technology, the concept of a healthcare facility has been changed rapidly. Today, only medication is not enough to address the changing expectations of the patient and their family. Virtual reality and augmented reality has done magic to relieve patients from chronic pain, and needless to say, healthcare service providers have shown their immense interest to adopt this technology cordially. According to the Markets and Markets research, the value of augmented and virtual reality in the healthcare market will increase by leaps and bounds, and the market will be worth $4997.9 million by 2023. Virtual reality in healthcare service is used to promote wellness, manage stress, and improve pain management; it is expected that the use of this advanced technology will enhance the reach of the healthcare sector to remote places.

AT&T and Vitas Healthcare is intended to make a collaboration of 5G, virtual reality, and augmented reality which can be an essential and alternative therapy to relieve hospice patients from chronic pain and anxiety. Vitas Healthcare improves the quality of care and provides hospice and palliative care which help the patients suffering from serious ailments like cancer, stroke, progressive pulmonary disorders, and progressive neurological conditions.

This joint study was launched in a cancer center of Southern California in order to evaluate patient feedback, technology delivery options, and content effectiveness of VR and AR. According to the study, the first module will have a focus on the effectiveness of the content for improving the comfort level of a patient, and the second module will be focused on the mobility of the content because the implementation of it demands the downloading and streaming of content. AT&T will be the provider of video content and network, and the participants will be able to see contents with the help of Magic Leap One Lightwear headsets. This study has immense potential. First, it will be helpful to discover how 5G speed can be used in different areas, and secondly, it will be another step toward the improvement of the entire healthcare sector.

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