Vodori's Pepper Flow has been Selected by DiaSorin to Simplify the...

Vodori's Pepper Flow has been Selected by DiaSorin to Simplify the Process of Promotional Content

Healthcare Tech Outlook | Friday, July 31, 2020

DiaSorin has selected Vodori’s Pepper Cloud so that they can simplify the process of creating, approving, and distributing promotional content.

FREMONT, CA: Presently, the life science companies are witnessing an extensively regulated and competitive environment, and it is estimated that the situation will increase productivity at marginal costs. Therefore, it is essential to produce more effective and compelling content. However, strict regulations, technical products, and the increasing complexities in digital marketing can reduce the speed and precision of content creation.

Vodori is offering Pepper Cloud to solve the present deficiencies in the enterprise content management (ECM). It is a collection of cloud service that has been designed to streamline the process in which life science organizations approve, create, and distribute the promotional content.

Presently Vodori has revealed that DiaSorin has selected their Pepper Flow to streamline and scale their U.S commercialization efforts. The company Vodori is a developer of cloud-based software that can evolve the way life science companies get controlled content. DiaSorin is the global leader in the laboratory diagnostics who prioritize specialty testing for immunodiagnostics and molecular diagnostics. In the past few months, the company has introduced almost ten products in the market. it also includes three COVID-9 tests, and they have now become a part of the portfolio of the products available in the market.

With the help of Pepper Flow, DiaSorin can decrease the time and effort necessary for collaboration of the promotional and non-promotional material during approval, creation, and distribution. They can even accurately execute the plans related to product launch. Furthermore, Pepper Flow will also allow enforcement of brand and regulatory compliance and measure performance to improve the process.

According to Vodori, Scott Rovegno, “we empower marketers to publish impactful content every time rather than churn out volumes of unused, expensive-to-create content.”

The Pepper Cloud consists of three solutions that can work in a single customized workflow to increase the speed of the approvals and publications. It will also help the science marketer boost the commercial results by reducing the cost and risk factors. 

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