VPN: A Critical Aspect in Healthcare Security

VPN: A Critical Aspect in Healthcare Security

Healthcare Tech Outlook | Wednesday, December 12, 2018

A VPN (virtual private network) in healthcare allows organizations and patients to connect securely in a public network, providing new insights to the healthcare security. Using it might seem as clear as “the Internet,” as a tool that companies should have in their belongings. While a mobile device, such as a smartphone, is giving simpler and smoother customer experience with lesser cost, there is no assurance whether the device ensures security or not. All these challenges have excellently solved by with the arrival of VPN technology in healthcare.

VPN act as a link to ensure a secure and private communication from a person’s computer to an authorized system. Regardless of the security network that organizations use, the VPN has enabled the healthcare organizations to have a network connection from anywhere in the world. When a computer links to other web computers, information like bandwidth consumption can also be shared with the Internet Service Provider. With information about a user’s bandwidth consumption, an ISP is enabled to strangle the user’s connection when the consumption is considered high.

Today, many of the healthcare organizations are deploying the VPN technology in their online healthcare activities, and there are some reasons for the adoption of this technology. Among them, privacy is the most significant benefit that the VPN technology guarantees. The improved privacy is a requirement for the healthcare organizations as well as patients to ensure whether the interactions reside within an established communication or not.

Improved connectivity among the computers through ISPs is another crucial advantage the VPN technology provides. ISPs always monitor online activities of the customers and detect the action that needs to manage the user’s connection. Here, VPN masks the IP address and other information on the user.

Better running cost is another important benefit of VPN technology; this means that VPN reduces various operational costs such as the cost of managing various servers. VPN is more beneficial for large organizations that have several branches across different locations; they can all have efficient communication within the networks. Altogether, VPN can ensure a secured communication within healthcare organizations and at the same time, keep patients satisfied.

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