Vuzix and AmbiFi to Offer Ambient Technology Solutions to the...

Vuzix and AmbiFi to Offer Ambient Technology Solutions to the Healthcare Community

Healthcare Tech Outlook | Monday, October 25, 2021

Vuzix and AmbiFi will collaborate to present their solution at HLTH 2021.

FREMONT, CA: Long before the global epidemic, healthcare was moving inexorably toward digitization. Unlike other well-known wearable technologies such as smartwatches and fitness trackers, smart glasses have yet to break through to the masses. In healthcare, smart glasses might provide patient-specific information on demand, assisting health professionals in making rapid diagnostic choices. Vuzix® Corporation, a leading provider of Smart Glasses and Augmented Reality (AR) technology and solutions, partners with AmbiFi, an innovative software as a service (SaaS) ambient computing business, to decrease the barriers to adoption of Smart Glasses in healthcare. Similarly, the integrated solution will help the industrial and service sectors.

"Healthcare continues to be one of our most dynamically growing markets and our new partnership with AmbiFi certainly supports this momentum," says Paul Travers, President, and CEO of Vuzix. "The healthcare industry is increasingly embracing remote support to boost productivity, procedure outcomes and worker safety among other things. Combined solutions such as what AmbiFi and Vuzix will now offer are becoming essential tools within the industry."

Customers can now engage with AmbiFi via Vuzix Smart Glasses, while AmbiFi controls all interaction and rich media content, such as video, audio, pictures, and text. Additionally, no-code collaborative authoring, clinical peer review and approval workflows, automated procedure tracking and analytics, live collaboration, voice recognition, and transcription, global multi-language deployment (online and offline players), and integration services such as AmbiFi APIs, FHIR EHR integration, xAPI and SCORM for LMS tracking and reporting, medical devices, IoT, and other systems to inform procedures, audits, decision support, and B2B.

"Vuzix Smart Glasses provide the perfect form factor for our customers to directly close skill and experience gaps, improving performance, safety, efficiency, quality and engagement while lowering costs.  They can experience 5X improvements in investments they already must make in traditional documentation and training by empowering experts with AmbiFi's no-code creator platform, to capture, learn and share knowledge experiences - hands-free at the human moment of need - so everyone can focus on what is important, error free, anywhere and anytime for the best possible outcomes," states James Sharpe, Chief Growth Manager at AmbiFi.

Vuzix and AmbiFi will host a combined healthcare webinar to discuss their collaborative solution.

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