What Are Some Applications Of Patient Monitoring Systems?

What Are Some Applications Of Patient Monitoring Systems?

Healthcare Tech Outlook | Tuesday, May 10, 2022

Sensor and interconnect technology advancements have enabled medical device organizations to innovate and grow in the patient monitoring market.

FREMONT, CA: A patient monitoring system is defined as any set of systems and processes that allow healthcare providers to monitor a patient's health.

An electrocardiography ("ECG") machine, which monitors the heart's electrical activity, is a classic example of a patient monitoring system.

Every patient monitoring system is unique—an ECG does not have the same components as a glucose monitor.

Patient monitoring systems exist at the crossroads of information technology and biomedical sciences. No law requires every patient monitoring system to have a certain number of PCBs, sensors, conductors, etc.

Creating patient monitoring devices and equipment necessitates a thorough understanding of sensor technology, interconnect systems, device design, software development, and other related topics.

What Are Some Examples of Patient Monitoring System Applications?

Patient monitoring systems are used in a wide variety of applications.

• The variety and types of applications are expanding due to wireless, portable, and remote patient monitoring advancements.

• Patient monitoring systems are critical to any surgical operation inside the hospital and clinical walls—the historical epicenter of patient monitoring innovation.

• To reduce the risk of something bad happening during an operation, the surgeon(s) must have continuous access to the patient's vital signs.

• A thermometer to track a patient's temperature, a pulse oximeter to measure oxygen levels, a capnography machine to monitor CO2 levels, and a sphygmomanometer to measure blood pressure are common in an operating room.

• After an operation, doctors, nurses, and other healthcare providers use many of these same monitoring devices to ensure that post-operative recovery goes smoothly.

• Remote patient monitoring systems are used in various applications outside of the clinical setting, such as diabetes care.

• Diabetes patients have been using glucose monitoring devices outside of the hospital for years, allowing patients and their physicians to prevent dangerous health events.

Innovations are improving patient outcomes in the patient monitoring market worldwide; Understanding the general components of a patient monitoring system can help one adopt a more holistic approach during the development process.

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