What are the Latest Endoscopic Technologies

What are the Latest Endoscopic Technologies

Healthcare Tech Outlook | Thursday, December 12, 2019

With the advancement of technology, the appliances of endoscopic therapies also advance. Endoscopic practices raise the imagination as the application of endoscopes expands from intraluminal to transluminal treatment.

FREMONT, CA: Even though the essential platform of flexible endoscopes is related to the ones before, recently, much different technological advancement has become obtainable to the endoscopist. The latest self-propelled endoscopes and shape-conforming approach might allow straightforward colonoscopic exams. A considerable amount of innovative imaging modalities might assist early detection of dysplasia and other pathologic units. Many of the practices are still investigational and are currently used in clinical trials to understand patient profit. Thus, as endoscopic technology and its indications progression are in tandem, the endoscopist's armamentarium will continuously expand.

Loop-resisting Mechanisms

One of the problems in the modern endoscopy, particularly the colonoscopy, is the creation of undesired loops in the shaft of a flexible scope. Loop formation impedes prompt and safe passage  to the cecum by transforming the force of entry to the colon wall or mesentery rather than ahead of the development.

Shape Locking Tool

The ShapeLock Endoscopic Guide consists of a reusable skeleton of numerous titanium links, a disposable inner plastic lining, and a disposable smooth external skin an atraumatic foam tip. A squeeze handle at the platform of the device transforms it from a flexible model to a stiff model. Above that, a different report inscribed the ability to redistribute the colonoscope while using the shape locking device swiftly specimen retrieval, and reinvestigation of the colon is necessary.

New Scope Technology

While the manufacturing of standard endoscopes has not been changed for several years, the novel scope designs are also developed to simplify colonoscopic examinations or advance themucosal visualization. Other than double-balloon enteroscopy, the developed technologies are inadequate to small clinical trials, but their application may get momentum in the future.

Computer-controlled colonoscope

The Neo-Guide Endoscopy System is intended to evade the loop formation by regulating an endoscope's insertion tube that will match the configuration of the colon. By using a sophisticated computer program, data from the doctor-determined tip orientation and insertion depth is also used for creating a 3-dimensional map of the colon.

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