What Does the Future of Femtech Look Like?

What Does the Future of Femtech Look Like?

Alex D'Souza, Healthcare Tech Outlook | Monday, August 30, 2021

Femtech companies are increasingly adopting innovative technologies to help solve age-old problems of a women's health. 

FREMONT, CA: In recent years, the technology sector has taken ground-breaking steps to close the gender gap. As a result, a female-centric health technology industry has emerged, with technology acting as a supporter for women's health and overall wellness.

People have already seen (or at least heard of) an app devoted exclusively to women's issues. These tools are part of the femtech movement, which is a growing partnership between health and technology. The sections that are currently covered are sex and reproduction, menstruation, fertility, and pregnancy.

The femtech industry is still in its infancy. While analysts expect that it will expand exponentially in the coming years, it is currently underfunded. According to forecasts, the femtech market would double in scale, covering more topics related to women's health and technology.

Top 10 Healthcare Startups - 2020What Is Femtech?

Femtech is a collective term for "female technology." It's a word for resources that use technology to improve women's health in areas such as general healthcare, pregnancy, and post-partum care, sexual wellness, reproductive system problems, fertility solutions, menstruation, chronic diseases, and hormonal disorders.

Women's health issues are addressed by applying software, diagnostics, wearables, and apps related to feminine items and services. Mobile phone applications that monitor fertility and pregnancy account for more than half of the femtech market.

Femtech and Technology

Women are becoming more conscientious about the products they use on their bodies, due to which the number of entrepreneurs venturing into femtech is also increasing. Femtech works to encourage creative ways to inform and de-stigmatize problems affecting girls and women worldwide while fostering environmental awareness.

Companies are using AI-enabled molding machines to mass-produce biodegradable disposable or reusable period care tech products like menstrual cups to reduce the massive waste burden. The hygiene products are expected to decline, both economically and environmentally expenses significantly.

The Future of Femtech

Healthcare research and development is clearing the way for femtech solutions in the medical field. Women's digital health is a relatively new concept. Even though investors have yet to understand the impact of funding on women's health fully, the femtech industry is expected to grow exponentially in the coming years. It is empowering to use technology to find new solutions to the age-old women's issues.

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