What is the Modern Way of Managing Healthcare Facilities?

What is the Modern Way of Managing Healthcare Facilities?

Healthcare Tech Outlook | Wednesday, August 19, 2020

Technology is rationalizing various aspects of healthcare, and facilities management is one among them.

FREMONT, CA: It is not only in health, but the pandemic has also brought about a wave of both disruption and transformation in the world as a whole. The modern lifestyle has marked the start of a digital era that has been diversifying the world’s move towards betterment in a more profound manner. The outbreak of the novel COVID virus is rewriting the norms of all, be it the regulatory framework or business and corporate. Staying intact with all the changes, the healthcare industry is revolutionizing itself.

The internet and the rapid digitalization could be the major set of reasons why healthcare providers are rethinking their strategies that pertain to facility management. From managing the visitors in the lobby to taking care of the working protocols of the care infrastructure, technology is gearing up the framework and the build of facility management.

Focusing on the management of the patients and their family member or friends who arrive and wait at the reception, most of the established healthcare centers are increasingly deploying smart and high tech applications to ensure safe reception. Amid the COVID times, facility management has evolved entirely, and today, touchless check-in has emerged to become the new standard. When a visitor comes at the lobby, visitor management systems enable a contactless procedure to get through the reception bandwagon and move into the hospital further.

This concept of touchless reception is driven by mobile technology. The patient can initiate and even complete the registration process online via their smartphones, tablets, desktops, or laptops. Filling in the online form forms the core of digital reception. Along with this, healthcare providers are also offering pre-registration services, and by using this, patients can begin the process even before they reach the premises, which is probably at home or while traveling.

There are various kiosks and digital signage technologies that take care of patients while undergoing treatment. In order to modernize and simplify the way doctors monitor the operations of the radiology system or body vital analyzer, healthcare experts can use real-time videos that describe the way diagnostics is done and more.

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