What Lies Ahead for Artificial Intelligence?

What Lies Ahead for Artificial Intelligence?

Healthcare Tech Outlook | Monday, October 12, 2020

The past few years have marked the breakthrough in the advancement of technology with the evolution of artificial intelligence that is rapidly gaining the attention of the research around the globe.

Fremont, CA: Designing a model that will mimic the human brain and function similarly has solved the scientific community's biggest puzzle. The constant and rigorous efforts of researchers from various years lead to the evolution of Artificial intelligence. In the past seven decades, AI and its applications were considered both a boon and a curse. In this period, many times, the technology does not meet the expectations. But the last decade is said to be as the decade of extraordinary achievements in the field of AI. 

Genetic algorithms Top 10 Healthcare Mobility Solution Providers - 2020

Genetic algorithms have been successful during the last decade as optimization methods for complex problems. They are stochastic search methods based on the principle of survival of the fittest in natural selection. It includes approaches like mutation, inheritance, selection, and crossover to search for a better option. The most significant advantage of genetic algorithms over conventional methods is that it works on the basis of problem-solving instead of the concept of the analytical relations of traditional methods. Despite being a powerful optimization tool, it works on simple rules, making it easy to implement.

Clinical decision support system [CDSS]

Due to continuous increments in patient data, clinical decision support systems become essential tools for healthcare providers. CDSS are computer programs that are proposed to provide expert support to health professionals making clinical decisions. They use inbuilt clinical knowledge to analyze patients' data and assist dental health professionals in making decisions regarding diagnosis, prognosis, treatment, and prevention of disease. 

The scope of AI in healthcare

Artificial Intelligence in the healthcare sector provides a new transfiguring drive that will bring about advancements for diverse clinical specialties and hospital operations. With the fact that modern healthcare faces many challenges in collecting, analyzing, and applying structured and unstructured data to diagnose and treat diseases, AI systems with their data mining and recognition abilities provide adequate patient care methods and effective treatment at the correct time. AI offers several benefits over clinical and conventional analytic decision-making techniques. With the help of AI, algorithms obtained will be more accurate and more transparent that will help clinicians to provide unprecedented diagnosis treatment, and care to the patients.

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