What will be the Effects of Unleashing the Power of Safety Data...

What will be the Effects of Unleashing the Power of Safety Data with the Cloud?

Healthcare Tech Outlook | Monday, January 24, 2022

The increasing number of data sources means more adverse event reports to intake, process, and analyze for safety signal detection.

FREMONT, CA: Keeping safety operations in-house requires significant resources for conducting repetitive manual data entry tasks in the case to intake and process, limiting the time for data analysis. Systems that store AERs are generally not well-integrated with other safety applications and need a lot of overhead to keep up with new regulatory requirements like data standards, or application versions. These challenges prevent companies from better leveraging their resources and maximizing the value of their safety information. Integration for the cloud can help in mitigating these challenges. The benefits of the cloud are explored and how it can unlock the power of safety data by simplifying access, collaboration, and integration. With the ease of access and inclusion, cloud applications eliminate silos and manual processes caused by on-premise solutions.

Accessing and Controlling of Data – From Anywhere, on Any Device

Accessing and controlling data is more comfortable in today’s world. Consumer applications have changed the expectations of how software should work, and enterprise solutions have quickly followed. All the aspects of business applications have shifted to the cloud for CRM, back-office operations, technology, HR, and so on. Regardless of device or location, the requirement is that one should perform day-to-day activities – whenever and wherever. Cloud solutions enable companies to provide employees with applications that deliver the same ease of use and access that people as consumers are accustomed to.

Managing and maintaining environments becomes much more straightforward with the cloud. On-premise software requires firewalls and security protocols, complicating the ability to easily grant access to external partners and collaborators and internal individuals in a different organization or geographical location. 

Integrations Made Easy

Data becomes valuable only if it can be shared with the appropriate individuals or other systems promptly. When data shifts to the cloud, it is the responsibility of software providers to get the information “in” and “out” of the application seamlessly. Integrations must be smooth; therefore, true cloud solutions provide a combination of tools to ease how data is imported and exported, like robust public APIs, ad hoc, self-service reporting, and data loading utilities. 

While incremental steps into these areas can be made in the legacy on-premise model, only a true shift to the cloud will enable the full value of these innovations to be realized. 



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