Where is Patient Engagement Heading?

Where is Patient Engagement Heading?

Alex D'souza, Healthcare Tech Outlook | Tuesday, January 05, 2021

Technologies are miraculously transforming patient engagement.

FREMONT, CA: The health care industry continues to modernize and smarten itself under the influence of digitalization. Technologies are casting a spell of improvement and enhancement of the experiences that the patients get. New and high-tech conceptualizations help the health care providing organizations in spotting and understanding the evolving needs and expectations of the modern and informed customers of today. With the goodness of digital technologies, health care centers are sure to offer efficient and better services for patents, thereby allowing them to create experiences for care seekers who will be cherished for an extended period of time.

Top 10 Patient Engagement Solution Companies - 2020Conversational AI is gaining immense traction among the technologists and engineers looking to innovate in the realm of health care and, more specifically, patient engagement. Siri, Google Assistant, and more such revolutionary and groundbreaking innovations are transforming and bettering business and services across various industries. Sources say that approximately $100 billion every year is reserved, especially to build newer tools that help patients gain care at more affordable costs and comfortably as well. In this chatbots and intelligent virtual assistants are increasingly being deployed by the health care companies. These software solutions help in solving customer queries, delivering care by analyzing the body vitals, and also suggesting personalized advice for the care seekers.

Predictive medicine helps in developing personalized treatment plans for the patients. In order to make patients happy and increase the quality and success of care delivery outcomes, doctors, clinicians, physicians, and other health care delivery personnel are integrating the algorithms based on the concept of predictive medicine. With the help of wearables, which capture the data about the condition of the health of a patient and redirect it to the care deliverer, a doctor can prescribe medicine and plans on treatment and its approach in a personalized manner as the data of the patient is analyzed and the care is planned.

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